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I wanted to reach out and say thank you so so much! The wedding was incredible, the families were so happy, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all the time you put in, for your patience with all the craziness in planning, and for your attentiveness on the day of. I look forward to many more events with you and the Club.
Alex Berger from Brilliant Events by Alex

Let's create history together.


Schedule your tour today and visit us for an in-person experience at 990 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Open Monday - Friday 9 am-5 pm

For additional information, please call us at 305-722-8783 or email us at







Coral Grand Ballroom





Atrium Room





Fountain Room & Courtyard





Granada Gardens





Merrick Room





Listed room capacities are approximate


Coral Grand Ballroom

Foyer access

Accommodates up to 1,000 people.

Maximum Room Capacity

Banquet Style: 600 people

Cocktail Style: 1,000 people

Theater Style: 800 people

Atrium Room

Pool-side access.

Cocktail & Reception.


Maximum Room Capacity

Banquet Style: 150 people

Cocktail Style: 250 people

Theater Style: 140 people

CGCCLib 209.jpg

Fountain Room

Access to private

outdoor courtyard, and garden.

Banquet Style: 80 people

Cocktail Style: 150 people

Theater Style: 100 people

Granada Garden

Outdoor event space perfect to host

ceremonies or cocktail receptions

Banquet Style: 350 people

Ceremony / Theater Style: 250 people

Granada Honeybook.jpg

Merrick Room

Perfect for corporate meetings

Banquet Style: 80 people

Cocktail Style: 120 people

Theater Style: 100 people

Venue Rental General Information Q & A

  • How do I schedule a tour?
    Schedule a tour or visit us for an in-person experience at 990 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For additional information, please call us at 305-722-8783 or email us at
  • Are you ready to secure your reservation?
    To secure a reservation for your special occasion, our team of venue specialists will work with you to present you with a customized cost estimate for the rental of your preferred venue space and all requested services. To firm up the reservation date(s), room(s), and estimate, the signed venue agreement, insurance, and deposit are required. The refundable security deposit is $2,000 for daytime and $3,000 for evening events. Please review a brief listing of additional venue information and requirements below.
  • What are the venue entrances?
    The entrance for the Atrium Room is located at 997 North Greenway Drive. Entrance to the Coral Grand Ballroom, Merrick, and Fountain Room are located at 990 Alhambra Circle.
  • Can I bring my own vendors?
    The venue encourages the use of the Country Club pre-qualified vendor list. Use of non-listed vendors is subject to approval by the venue and may have to comply with additional venue requirements. Venue applicant assumes liability for the use of all vendors and may be subjected to additional fees for non-listed vendors.
  • Do you offer catering services?
    No. All pre-qualified caterers have an independent catering agreement with the venue and the city and are subject to a separate food and beverage fee between the City and Caterer. Only venue pre-qualified caterers will be permitted to cater for any event on the premises with access to the catering kitchen. Drop-off catering services may not require the use of pre-qualified caterers.
  • Can I bring smoke and fire to my party?
    No fog, smoke, mist machines, fireworks, or special effects will be permitted. Use of such equipment may require an additional City of Coral Gables permit(s) and is subject to additional fees and inspections. All emergency exits must remain clear and unobstructed.
  • Are animals allows on site?
    With the exception of service animals, pets may only be permitted in designated outdoor venue areas with approval. Damages incurred by any animal will be the responsibility of the venue applicant.
  • Do I have to pay for parking?
    The venue includes limited complimentary on-site parking. For larger events, valet services are required at the venue applicant’s cost.
  • Do you offer restroom attendants?
    All events are subject to a restroom porter fee based on guest count for the duration of the event.
  • What is the preservation fee?
    All events are subject to a preservation fee, which provides a capital funding mechanism to preserve the historic integrity of the property and to maintain the property’s aesthetics. This is a fixed fee.
  • What is the catering kitchen fee?
    All events are subject to an additional catering fee for the use of the venue’s catering kitchen.
  • Do I need to pay security or police fees?
    The use of an hourly security guard is required for evening events and will be assessed at an hourly rate for the duration of the event. Depending on the event type or complexity, off-duty police officers at the respective overtime rate may be required.
  • How much is the tax? Is tax included?
    All fees include a 7% sales tax. Venue pricing is subject to change.
  • For how many hours can I host my event with that price?
    All venue pricing is based on a five-hour (5 hr.) event and a maximum per-room guest count.
  • How are room rates based on?
    Room rates are based on the banquet-style set-up: Grand Ballroom up to 300 guests, Atrium up to 100 guests, Fountain, and Merrick up to 80 guests, and Granada Gardens up to 250 guests. Additional fees will apply for additional guests.
  • How the refundable deposit works?
    All events are subject to a refundable security deposit. Deposits will be refunded within 30 days following the conclusion of the event date if the venue applicant and/or related party are not otherwise in default.
  • Who is responsible to cover all fees?
    The venue applicant is responsible for the cost and procurement of all venue requirements in connection to the event.
  • How the final price calculated?
    Final price estimates for all categories may only be provided once event details have been determined and finalized.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our rental agent can provide a list of vendors you may choose from for your various needs. These vendors are licensed and insured; however, they are no way affiliated with our club or our rental agent and we take no responsibility for the services they may provide.

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